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The Saturday Neon Story

Saturday Neon is committed to bringing your favorite college logos to life with the brightest, most energy-efficient LED neon technology.

SINCE 2020


Saturday Neon was started by two college friends who met at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2003. Years later, they'd come together to create a new company to bring LED neon signs to the college sports merchandise market.

Since 2020, Saturday Neon has obtained licenses for dozens of schools and continues to expand to better serve college sports fans everwhere.

Our mission is to illuminate the fan experience

We believe in enhancing the passion and pride of fans through our expertly crafted LED neon signs, featuring officially licensed collegiate logos and mascots. Our commitment extends beyond just lighting up rooms; it's about creating an atmosphere where fans can truly live out their loyalty in color and style. Whether it's a dorm room, a home game-day setup, or a local sports bar, Saturday Neon's signs are designed to elevate the spirit of fandom and turn any space into a celebration of team pride. With every sign we create, we aim to bring fans closer to the heart of their team, making every moment of support shine brighter.

Our Commitment to Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. Our comprehensive Code of Conduct ensures that we conduct our business ethically and transparently, with respect for human rights and fair labor practices. We hold ourselves and our partners to high standards to ensure that everyone in our supply chain treats their employees with dignity and respect. Regular audits, transparent reporting, and corrective actions are integral parts of our commitment to upholding these values.

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