You will need
A friend
Pen or marker
Drill with drill bit and Philips bit or Philips screwdriver
    Step 1 - Mark the intended mounting location
    Hold your neon flat up against the wall in its intended mounting location. For our larger neon signs, this may require assistance from another person. 
    While holding the sign, use a pen or marker to dot the pre-drilled mounting holes. 
    Step 2 - Drill pilot holes
    Using a drill, drill pilot holes in the locations you marked in the last step
    Step 3 - Mount the Sign
    Place the sign back onto the wall, aligning the pre-drilled mounting holes in the acrylic with the holes you just drilled in the wall. Next, place the screw through the black washers from the provide mounting hardware kit. 
    Grab your drill or Philips screwdriver and screw through the acrylic mounting holes into the pilot holes. 
    Step 4 - Repeat and Check
    Repeat previous step until all screws are in place. 
    Place silver screwcaps on top of each screw.  
    Ensure that the sign is secured in place
    Step 5 - Connect dimmer and power supply
    Connect the dimmer connector to the cord extending out of the sign. Connect the power supply to the dimmer connector. 
    Plug it in and enjoy!
    Any additional questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime at